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Private Lessons

We're often asked "how can my skater get that extra boost to get them to the next level?"  If you skater is having fun and wants to spend more time focusing on improved skills, is interested in participating in a competition, or really wants to pass to the next level a private lesson with one of our Professional Staff is the answer. 

Private lessons are available during our freestyle ice times on Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings. Lessons are available for all levels by contacting one of our outstanding professional staff.  Private lessons:


  • Help the beginner who wants to get the basics and move more quickly to a higher level.


  • Provide intense focus for intermediate and advanced skaters  wanting to focus on complex moves like a backward crossover or axel.


  • Are where the student and coach can choreograph and practice routines for competitions.


  • Create an opportunity to just spend more time enjoying skating while achieving a greater skill set!


Fees are negotiated and vary by coach. Skaters are also responsible for the freestyle ice charge.  For more information please contact:

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